Best Fire Pit Mats for Wood Decks

The 11 Best Fire Pit Mats for Wood Decks in [2022]

Do you love to use your backyard or deck as a gathering place for your family and friends? If so, then you need to invest in the Best Fire Pit Mats for Wood Decks.

These mats are designed specifically with safety in mind, meaning that they will protect both your deck from damage due to heat and embers.

Wood decks are great for entertaining guests or just relaxing on a nice sunny day. But when it comes to hosting an outdoor event, you need the right fire pit mat. With so many options on the market, how do you find one that is perfect for your needs?

Best Fire Pit Mats for Wood Decks

The 11 Best Fire Pit Mats for Wood Decks will help you make this decision and get more enjoyment out of your deck!

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Comparision table for The 11 Best Fire Pit Mats for Wood Decks

1.Ember Mat | 67″ x 60″ | USA Based | Fire Pit Mat4.6
2.ROLOWAY Fire Pit Mat for Deck, (36 inches) Patio Fire Pit Pad4.6
3.CALPALMY 36″ Diameter Round Fireproof Mat for Outdoor4.4
4.WELLUCK 36 Inch Fire Pit Mat for Deck Fireproof Firepit Pad4.7
5. KOFAIR Square Fire Pit Mat (36 x 36 inch), Patio Fire Pit Pad4.6
6.MAJITA Square Fire Pit Mat for 18-40 Inch4.6
7.Hodufy Fire Pit Pad, Fire Pit Mat 30”, Deck Protector4.5
8.Fcren Huang 36 inch, Under Grill Mat Pad Protector4.4
9. MAJITA Rectangular Fire Pit Pad Grill Mats4.5
10. Huigu Fireproof Fire Pit Mat4.2
11.GrillBee Fire Pit Mat 36 inch Reusable Under Grill Mats4.5

1. Ember Mat | 67” x 60″ | USA Based | Fire Pit Mat

Best Fire Pit Mats for Wood Decks


BrandFireside Outdoor
Weight4.01 Pounds
Dimensions67″ x 60

Product Description

Forget about the ashes from your wood or propane fire ruining your patio. With the innovative Ember Mat, you don’t have to worry anymore! In a short amount of time, it can turn outdoor areas into safe havens again by keeping bee-kissing embers and grease off surfaces near your fire pit or grill. The clever design prevents harmful particles from escaping to other parts of the exterior with a silicone coating that won’t make eating over a summer barbecue less pleasurable because there are fewer crumbs at hand to go flying on contact. Great for keeping two sheets in place for barbecuing, this mat is also dishwasher-friendly.

Feature Details

  • NEARLY INVISIBLE in the day and RADIANT at night, keeping you safe from falling coals – Made of 100% stainless steel micro-mesh with a silicone food-grade coating. No chemicals or PVC were used to make this mat!
  • The Ember Mat will not stop heat transfer to the ground surface when used with a fire pit.
  • WARNING: Extinguish any fallen or burning ember within 30-Minutes of landing on the Ember Mat. The Ember Mat will not stop heat transfer to the ground surface when used with a fire pit.

2. ROLOWAY Fire Pit Mat for Deck, (36 inches) Patio Fire Pit Pad

Best Fire Pit Mats for Wood Decks


Weight2.16 Pounds
Dimensions36 inches Round

Product Description

Outdoor fireplaces are not always on ground level, so some people might put the garden mat on their deck to avoid damage. If you happen to have one of those grills that is taller than 36 inches, this Fire Pit Mat for Deck will work wonderfully. Our long mats are also wonderful for burning off all your leftovers and making sure nothing goes into the grass! The longer mats prevent any food particles from sticking onto the carpet outside and under your grill.

Feature Details


Keep your patio/deck surfaces safe from fire damage. Our Fire Pit Mat is the perfect solution for protecting your home, family, and pets.


Our Patio Fire Pit Mat is designed to fit most outdoor fire pits ranging in size from 36″ to 48″. It also fits most grills, smokers, and other cooking appliances. The mat’s thickness of 1/2″ makes it ideal for use with portable fire pits as well as stationary ones!


The ROLOWAY Fire Pit Mat features a beautiful design that will make your patio look great! It features a beautiful pattern of red and black with the words “Fire Pit Mat” written in white text.


Our fire pit mat is extremely easy to clean! Simply sweep off any ash or dirt that collects on top, spray it down with your hose, and let it dry before storing away. Never worry about ash or dirt getting trapped in the fabric again!


Our fire pit mat is made from a very strong and durable material called Vinyl. The vinyl has been given a beautiful wood grain look, making it easy to match any decor theme you might have going on outside your home. It’s also waterproof which means it can easily be used in both wet and dry conditions.

3. CALPALMY 36″ Diameter Round Fireproof Mat for Outdoor

Best Fire Pit Mats for Wood Decks


Weight1.37 Pounds
Dimensions36 inches Round

Product Description

This fireproof mat provides a heat barrier for your indoor or outdoor fire pit. This mat works on any surface, whether you’re having it outside on the ground, in your patio’s grass, sand, concrete, wood decking composite material, or anywhere else.

The CALPALMY 36″ diameter can hold up to 700 pounds of weight and is ¾ inches thick to provide an escape from the hot fires that will destroy the grass underneath without leaving behind any marks. With this protection against fires coming up from below with sufficient padding coupled with our trademarked vinyl top to protect against rainwater seeping through there are no worries about damaging your lawn thanks to this ultra-durable round fire resistant unit.

Feature Details


This fireproof mat is made of a fire retardant material that can withstand temperatures of up to 1300°F. It’s perfect for use with portable fire pits, and it will protect you from the heat while also protecting your patio or deck.


This fire pit mat is designed to perfectly fit the most popular round-shaped portable propane grills and wood-burning fire pits. It measures 32” in diameter and is a perfect fit for most round firepits up to 40 inches in diameter, or about 60 pounds!


Enjoy your outdoor fireplace all year long with this versatile meat that can also be used as an outdoor rug on the patio when not protecting you from the heat of your fire pit. With its stylish design featuring rich colours and leaves, it adds a rustic touch to any backyard space.


After each use, simply wipe the fireproof mat clean with a damp cloth. It’s also machine washable (use cold water on a gentle cycle). For tough stains or stubborn dirt that won’t come out in the washing machine, you can spot clean it using soap and a sponge as needed.

4. WELLUCK 36 Inch Fire Pit Mat for Deck Fireproof Firepit Pad

Best Fire Pit Mats for Wood Decks


Weight4.01 Pounds
Dimensions36 inches Round

Product Description

Ready to enjoy the fire but not get caught out in the heat? WELLUCK 36 Inch Fire Pit Mat for Deck Fireproof Firepit Pad is perfect for securing your patio space while still giving you plenty of room for positioning. Anyone who has gone through a couple of meals or drinks knows how disorderly things can get when it comes time to put out the grill.

One look at this reflective fabric should remind anyone with alcohol on their breath that they are restricted from handling any sort of spark, flame, lighter fluid, or anything that will cause unintended combustion! It’s not just about avoiding liability anymore- this product helps reduce unpleasant odors and allows for lower maintenance between fires by reducing surface heating up too fast under long burn periods.

Feature Details


A 36-inch fireproof mat is the most portable size for heat protection. It’s easy to pack and move with all new advantages, including extra rope, upgraded every detail!


Cool Shiny Reflective and “Aluminization” design make no difference and “0” heat damage on two sides which are protective to deck or ground made by wood, concrete, stone, marble, or another composite. Even grass!


This is the best size for most fire pits and bonfires, including Aztec Sun Fire Pit, Fire Sense Gas Tabletop Burner (model #SFO11), Grills USA Black & Stainless Steel Square S-30L/B 30 inch Grill, Outdoor Creations Wood Burning Cauldron, Landmann Big Sky Steel Fire Ring with Spark Screen 28 inches.


All fire pit mats are easy to clean and store for next time use. No worries because of our patented “Aluminization” coating!

Simply rinse off the ash residue after your outdoor grilling or bonfire is over; dry it under natural wind sunlight; roll up easily like a carpet; stored it in its included bag when not in use. It’s that simple! Our 36 Inch Deluxe Round Reflective Fire Pit Mat is a great patio accessory for any outdoor gathering or barbecue with friends and family!

5. KOFAIR Square Fire Pit Mat (36 x 36 inch), Patio Fire Pit Pad

Best Fire Pit Mats for Wood Decks


Weight1.9 Pounds
Dimensions36 x 36 inch

Product Description

The KOFAIR square fire pit mat is a versatile and inexpensive way to protect your deck or patio from the inevitable scorching marks and stains that come with cooking on a grill.

The high-quality, non-slip silicone bottom makes this oversized outdoor mat perfect for square fire pits, round designs, or other shapes too! With an aluminized fibreglass layer, durability is ensured while it sits under your big or tall BBQ grills & smokers – naturally protecting your surface even when burned. If you have experienced unprotected flames dying out in one lump because of wet grass lying underneath – fear no more!

Feature Details


This fire pit mat is made of high-quality material, which is waterproof and easy to clean. It can prevent the wood deck from being burnt by the flame or hot ash.

Versatile Fireproof Mat to Protect

Our fire pit pad could protect your wooden deck from burning when you have a bonfire party with family or friends or roast marshmallows at night. You can also use it to place a hot grill when you are camping outdoors in the summertime with the family. Just sit down, relax and enjoy your life.

Multi-purpose fire pit mat for wood deck

The fireproof mat is suitable for any type of grill or bbq grills. You can also place the hot pots on it when you are cooking outside in the summertime without worrying about damaging your wooden floor. This electric grill pad could be used as an oven/grill mitt to protect hands from high temperatures while using the stovetop, broiler, or outdoor BBQ grill.

6. MAJITA Square Fire Pit Mat for 18-40 Inch

Best Fire Pit Mats for Wood Decks


Weight2.25 Pounds

Product Description

This is for all you patio goers who love to crack open a cold beer, hunker by the fire with friends, and just hang out. The MAJITA Square Fire Pit Mat for 18-40 Inches features 4 layers of protection against harmful heat damage if your outdoor fires get away from you. Silicone coating on the top layer provides resistance against high temperatures so turning your patio into an inferno won’t be as dangerous anymore!

Feature Details


Majita Patio Fire Pit Mat is a premium quality fire pit mat made of 4 layers of protection. The first layer is made from Aluminized Fiber Fabric which reflects up to 96% of heat from your patio fire pit, and the second layer is a silicone coating that provides the ultimate high-temperature resistance.


This square fire pit mat measures 40 inches x 40 inches and fits most 18 inches to 40 inches round fire pits. The third layer is a fiberglass mesh for added strength and durability, while the fourth layer is a silicone coating that makes this pad easy to clean, waterproof, and stain-resistant. It’s perfect for protecting your patio or deck surface from burns and sparks.


This fire pit pad is fully adjustable and provides a safe distance between the decking surface and your patio fire pit, allowing you to enjoy an open flame without scorching or damaging your beautiful outdoor space. Simply lift on the corners of this mat for easy installation over any hard flat surface such as wood decks, patios, stone walkways, and more!


This fire pit mat is made of 4 layers of materials. The first layer is made of aluminum foil, which can reflect up to 96% heat from the fire pit. The second layer is a silicone coating for high-temperature resistance and fireproofing your patio/deck surface. The third layer is fiberglass that provides ultra protection against heat damage on grass or patio. And the fourth layer is another silicone coating, which makes it easy to clean after use.


Our outdoor fire pit pad will protect your patio and lawn from burns, heat damage, grease spills, and more! It’s an essential accessory for any outdoor fireplace or wood deck fire pit.

7. Hodufy Fire Pit Pad, Fire Pit Mat 30”, Deck Protector

Best Fire Pit Mats for Wood Decks


Weight14.3 ounces
Dimensions30 Inch Round
Product Description

Your outdoor area is gorgeous and it’s 2021, why not BBQ in style with your new fire pit provided by Hodufy. Not only does this nice carpet protect your grass from heat, but it has a very high deflection rate of 98%! So if you’re looking for that ultimate romantic light experience next to the Hodufy Fire Pit Pad, Fire Pit Mat 30”, Deck simply turn on some melodies and prepare yourselves for an outdoor party like no other.

Feature Details
Highest Grade Laters Protection

The fire pit mat is made of a high-quality material that is waterproof and heat-resistant. It is durable, easy to clean, and foldable.

Fiber Layer & Silicone Coated Fiberglass Layer

The fire pit pad has two layers: the top layer is made of fibreglass fabric, which can resist high temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The bottom layer is coated with silicone, which makes it waterproof and more durable.

Easy Cleaning

After use, you can simply wipe off the dirt on the fire pit mat with a wet cloth or hose down the surface with water from your garden hose. When it dries out, fold it back into its original shape for storage until next time.

Light & Easy to Move

The fire pit pad weighs only about 0.75 lbs., so it’s very easy to move around for storage or transport, even if you’re alone! It also has two convenient handles on the side of its bag which makes moving and storing hassle-free.

8. Fcren Huang 36 inch, Under Grill Mat Pad Protector

Best Fire Pit Mats for Wood Decks


BrandFcren Huang
Weight14.9 ounces
Dimensions36 inch Round

Product Description

Fcren Huang 36 inch fire pit mat, the newest innovation in patio accessories! Protecting your deck and lawn has never been this easy. With so many outdoor living spaces these days, it becomes necessary to protect them from harmful spills. Now with our Fcren Huang under grill mat pad protector, you can do just that! 

Seeming like an ordinary gas firepit cover mesh at first glance, but they are specifically designed to be used without the annoyingness of having to pull anything over bars or even wrap up someone’s favorite rug when there is a mishap with food or drinks left on the table. This product shape fits seamlessly between all types of grills even if there are legs on one side, which means you use less space because it can be laid anywhere and under any grill.

Feature Details


When we go camping we try our best not to damage anything in nature. It works great from falling hot coals and ash, Perfect addition to your camping life.


It reflects the heat away from the ground, prevents burning and melting on expensive decks and terraces, avoids damaging yard and grass


After each fire, you want to make sure that the fire bowl is completely cooled down.


When it comes to cleaning, you can use mild soap and water. We do not recommend using any harsh chemicals or cleaners because they can compromise the integrity of your fire pit pad. You want to make sure that when you are cleaning the surface of the firepit pad there is no soapy solution left behind because it could be slippery if someone were to walk on it after it has dried.

9. MAJITA Rectangular Fire Pit Pad Grill Mats

Best Fire Pit Mats for Wood Decks


Weight2.05 Pounds
Dimensions42 x 30 Inches

Product Description

MAJITA Rectangular Fire Pit Pad Grill Mats are designed to be a safe and effective heat shield from high heat sources as it prevents burns as well as grass or other yards from being severely damaged. The three-layered protection of this product is temperature resistant up to 1800 °F, making sure that there’s no time to worry about scorching decks, patios, and lawns. Keep your gardens safe by placing the MAJOITA Rectangular Firepits safety pad on top of any potential hot spot with ease!

Feature Details


The fire pit mat is made of high-quality materials, which make it lightweight and portable. You can easily carry it to your camping or backyard party.


No more burnt grass or melted decking! Our reliable heat shield mat can create a safe, effective, heat-retardant barrier from high heat generated by the fire pit.


Suitable for 42 inches × 30-inch fire pit, BBQ grill, Smoker, Charcoal grill, etc.

10. Huigu Fireproof Fire Pit Mat

Best Fire Pit Mats for Wood Decks


Weight2.73 Pounds
Dimensions48 inches

Product Description

Firepits can be dangerous, but Huigu’s Flame Proof Mat is the best way to protect your patio surfaces from being burnt by heat damage. It will also protect against other accidents that might occur, like grease spills or cement stains.

The mat features a premium flame-resistant material that is both fireproof and food-grade silicone-coated which makes it safe for use on any surface. Not just limited to patios with concrete or stone slabs, the mat will work on wood decks, composite decking boards, grassy areas, and more! We have engineered this product so well – there are two sides of the mat so you’ll never have to search for an extra one when flip-flopping mats during barbecue season!

Feature Details


Both sides are the same fireproof material. You can flip it over when one side gets dirty or burnt by the fireplace so you don’t have to buy a new one every year.


Our Fireproof Mat is easy to clean with soap and water. When you are done using it for the year simply fold it up and store it in a dry place until next season!

11. GrillBee Fire Pit Mat 36 inch Reusable Under Grill Mats

Best Fire Pit Mats for Wood Decks


Weight2.33 Pounds
Dimensions15.91 x 11.54 x 2.6 inches

Product Description

GrillBee Fire Pit Mat 36 inch Reusable Under Grill Mats provides intense heat and fire resistance with powerful protection against surfaces. With GrillBee, you can enjoy the excitement of sitting around an outdoor fire pit or grill without fear of what cookout disasters may happen to your deck. Protect yourself and your home investment with this high-temperature mat, which features a 36 inch round shape designed to protect both flooring and furniture from dirty messes!

This shiny silver mat reflects an incredible 95% of downward heat upward and away from surfaces. GrillBee comes in two pieces that are easy to assemble over most standard deck surfaces like wood decking, carpeting, tile, etc., fitting together side by side for ultimate coverage (dimensions: 24″ x 48″). Durable aluminium soldering keeps mats connected securely during transport. A haven for all barbecues!

Feature Details


This heat-resistant mat is designed to protect your deck, grass, or patio from high heat sources. It’s perfect for use with fire pits, grills, and smokers.


The size of this mat allows you to place it under any grill or smoker. Use two mats for larger grills and smokers! Engineered to withstand intense heat up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.


Bring it with you camping, picnics, or the beach portability that keeps up with active lifestyles. Eliminate the risk of burns and fire damage on decks, patios, and outdoor areas with this reliable heat shield mat. Perfect for regular everyday use throughout the seasons!


If you’re looking for the best fire pit mat, we’ve got your back. We compiled a list of all the top-rated options on Amazon and broke them down by their pros/cons so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you. With these 11 great mats to choose from, there’s no need to worry about keeping your deck clean in between fires!


What’s the best fire pit mat for a wood deck?

A fire pit mat is a must if you want to protect your wood deck from the heat of an open fire pit. There are some styles that overlap as they can be used as both outdoor fireplace mats or campfire mats; those styles will be highlighted first then we’ll get into the specific wood deck campfire mats.

Wood Deck Fire Pits Vs. General Outdoor Fire Pits The most important distinction between a general outdoor fireplace mat and one that is specifically designed to be placed on top of a wood deck is the thickness of the material used as well as other design features for durability, cleanability, weight, etc.

For example, an outdoor fire pit mat has 3/8″ or 1/2″ insulation layers under it so you don’t burn the grass below while the same mat on your wood deck will have 3/4″ insulation underneath because, understandably, it must be able to protect the combustible surface from catching fire when laid over it.

What are your experiences with different fire pit mats for wood decks?

The fire pit mat serves two purposes. It is first used to protect the wood deck and the underneath of the fire pit from too much heat generated by direct contact with flames. Second, it protects people on the top of the wood deck, since they will typically sit around the outer edges of your wooden deck around your new portable fire pit bowl for warmth or conversation, or both!

It seems that there are several manufacturers producing these mats. The web has many vendors selling them but you need to make sure of a few things before purchasing one. First, note if they are made out of stainless steel which resists rusting. Second, determine how long they will last under constant exposure to hot embers that have fallen through into them.

Do any mats work well with cast iron plates?

Yes, most mats will work. Some mats are slicker than others due to the amount of silicone on the mat. You can always remove the silicone with a razor blade or sandpaper.

Which type do you think would work better, sand or gravel?

The benefits of using sand over gravel are that it is easier to clean, and the weight is lower. Sands don’t weigh as much as gravel. It is recommended that you try out the mats in your home before purchasing to make sure they will work for your plates.

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