Best Headphones for Children

Top 9 Best Headphones for Children

Earphones specifically designed for kids are available in the market these days. These best headphones for children are available in an assortment of colors and designs to suit kids’ tastes as well. Here Top 9 Best Headphones for Children are listed. Check the Best Headphones for Children and its reviews. We listed the top reviews of Headphones in this article. Some kid’s headsets even come with favorite cartoon characters printed on them or feature a fun animal design, kids of all ages love this! 

The headphones for children are widely recognized as the best headphones for children because they feature a kid-friendly design that’s both durable and fashionable.

The main reason why kids love headphones is because of their bold colors which make them perfect for girls, while colored animal designs printed on them make them very attractive to boys too! Both genders will like these headphones, making them a great gift for kids of all ages. 

The best headphones for children are not only necessary as protection against hearing loss but also to prevent pressure on their still-developing eardrum, and that means kids need a much gentler listening experience than adults do. 

Best Headphones for Children

As a child grows up they may be more interested in audio quality over protecting the eardrums. To determine which ones would suit them an adult must make the decision based on their ability to stay focused if children can handle only low volume levels and if they like to listen to music with those headphones.

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Comperision Table for best headphones for children.

No. Image Products Ratings Price
1. Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Volume Limited 4.5
2. iClever BTH12 Wireless Kids Headphones 4.5
3. LilGadgets Untangled PRO Kids Premium 4.7
4. LilGadgets Connect+ PRO Kids  4.2
5. Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiets 4.5
6. Kids Headphones, Riwbox CT-7S Cat  4.4
7. JLab Audio JBuddies Kids 4.6
8. Baby BANZ Earmuffs Infant Hearing Protect 4.5
9. JuniorJams Volume Limiting Headphones 4.5

Now we will discuss the top 9 best headphones for children one by one.

1: Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Volume Limited

Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Volume Limited

Product Information 

Brand Puro Sound Labs
color Blue
Model BT2200
Connectivity Wireless
Form Factor On-Ear

Puro Sound Labs’ BT2200 Volume Limited Kids’ Bluetooth Headphones are designed to be safer headphones for children. Made to protect young listeners’ eardrums from early hearing damage, the Puro Sound Labs BT2200 features a built-in 85dB volume limiter that follows the World Health Organization’s recommendation of a maximum volume range of 85dB.

Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Volume Limited Kids’ Bluetooth Headphones are the safest, most durable wireless headphones for kids and teens on the market today. The Puro Sound Labs BT2200 provides a genuine studio-grade sound experience that is as clear and crisp as it is safe, with full dynamic bass – all within the safety of 85 dB. These wireless headphones feature a lightweight ergonomic design that makes them comfortable to wear for hours on end; an adjustable headband that fits children of all ages; a soft padded ear cup with memory foam padding; easy volume control buttons located

Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Volume Limited Kids’ Bluetooth Headphones are the best kids headphones for safe, wireless listening. They come with a built-in volume limiter to protect young ears and have a comfortable fit for active kids. The one-touch Bluetooth pairing makes it easy to connect to your phone or tablet and the 18-hour battery life provides plenty of time for music playback and 200 hours of standby time so you don’t have to worry about charging them up before your child goes out on an adventure!

Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Volume Limited Kids’ Bluetooth Headphones are the perfect lightweight safer headphones for kids. Featuring a fully passive design, these headphones block 82% of ambient noise (@ 1 kHz) and allow you to listen to lower volumes while still enjoying your music. The Puro Sound Labs BT2200 features an integrated volume limiter that keeps sound under 85dB which is recommended by leading pediatricians as a safe listening level for children.

2: iClever BTH12 Wireless Kids Headphones

2: iClever BTH12 Wireless Kids Headphones

Product Information 

Brand IClever
Colour Blue
Connectivity Wired, Bluetooth
Model BTH 12
Form Factor Over-Ear

iClever BTH12 wireless kids headphones are the perfect choice for children ages 3 years and up. These headphones have a built-in microphone with noise-canceling technology, which is ideal for listening to music or making phone calls. The ear cups are soft and comfortable, while the headband is adjustable to fit any size head. The LED lights on both sides of the headset can be set to four modes (colourful, flash, single-colour, and turn off) by pressing the button next to it. The battery life lasts up to 40 hours when fully charged.

The iClever BTH12 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are the perfect choice for your kids. With a built-in 40mm speaker unit, they provide rich bass and lifelike audio with crisp highs. The wireless headphones pair to any Bluetooth-enabled device, making it easy for you to play music from your phone or tablet. Limit audio volume between 74, 85, and 94dB using combination keys so the volume switch is not accidentally touched. Let your kids love what they’re listening to, at a safe volume.

The iClever BTH12 Bluetooth Headphones are the perfect wireless headphones for kids. The soft silicone ear tips and adjustable headband make these headphones a comfortable fit, while the built-in microphone allows you to take calls on your child’s behalf. The 40-hour battery life means that you can use them all day without having to recharge! They also come with an AUX cable so you can listen to music from any device.

Designed for kids, the iClever BTH12 wireless headphones are a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy their music wirelessly. The built-in microphone allows you to take calls and control play, pause and end functions right from the headphones. Enjoy Bluetooth 5.0 technology with the iClever wireless headphones for a super-stable connection.

One button controls play, pause and end and answer phone calls. The built-in microphone on these kids’ Bluetooth headphones gives hands-free freedom for studying, homework, being in class, or playtime. Having amazing features like volume adjustment, 5.0 Bluetooth technology, and long battery life it is considered one of the top 9 best headphones for children.

3: LilGadgets Untangled PRO Kids Premium

LilGadgets Untangled PRO Kids Premium

Product Information

Brand  LilGadgets
Colour Blue
Model LilGadgets Untangled Pro
Connectivity Wireless
Form Factor On-Ear

LilGadgets Untangled PRO Kids Premium Bluetooth Headphones with SharePort, available in six bright colors and now featuring the SharePort feature. These are the ultimate wireless headphones for kids! The LilGadgets Untangled PRO Kids Premium earbuds are designed to be lightweight, durable, and safe for children 4+. They’re perfect for school, travel or just hanging out. These kids’ headphones with microphones have a built-in volume limiter that keeps sound levels on smartphones at 85dB or below which is recommended by experts.

LilGadgets Untangled PRO Kids Premium Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone. The best headphones for children on the market today! With our specially designed SoftTouch breathable mesh material, these headphones are ultra-comfortable and lightweight, so you can be sure your child will love wearing them. We’ve also created a durable design that ensures they’ll last for years to come. And the ear pads are manufactured with children in mind — we use some nifty engineering to make sure the ear pads won’t fall off.

The Untangled Pro Kids Premium Bluetooth Headphones are the ultimate kids’ headphones. The untangle-resistant flat cable is designed to prevent tangling and lasts longer than traditional round cables. These headphones feature a 12-hour battery life with 180 hours of standby time, so your child can enjoy their favorite music for over three days straight without having to charge them! They also include a 3.5mm cable with an inline microphone so even if you outlast the battery, you can still listen to them the old-fashioned way. Every headphone comes with a microfiber travel bag.

The LilGadgets PRO is the only kid’s headphones that have been certified by an independent third-party laboratory to reduce volume levels by up to 85% when compared to standard headphones. The result is a safer listening experience for your children, without sacrificing sound quality or comfort.

4: LilGadgets Connect+ PRO Kids

LilGadgets Connect+ PRO Kids

Product Information 

Brand LilGadgets
Color Pink
Connectivity Wired
Model Connect + Pro
Form Factor On-Ear

The LilGadgets Connect+ PRO Kids Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones for children 6 and up are the award-winning, best-selling headphones that have been designed with kids in mind. They are made with soft-touch materials that protect little ears from getting hurt and provide a comfortable fit. The design is lightweight to ensure comfort even when worn for extended periods of time. The ergonomic design makes them easy to use with audio controls on one earpiece and a microphone on the other so your child can take calls hands-free or pause music without having to reach their phone.

LilGadgets Connect+ Pro Kids Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones are the safest and most comfortable headphones for kids. Featuring a unique design, metal extenders, and soft adjustable ear tips in three sizes, these headphones are built to last! Also featuring a volume limiting feature that allows you to control how loud your child listens to their music so they can enjoy their favorite songs without the worry of hearing damage.

The LilGadgets Connect+ Pro Kids Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones are the perfect headphones for kids who love to listen to music on their devices. The Connect+ Pro features a unique Y-splitter cable that allows you to share audio with another pair of headphones! This makes it easy for siblings, friends, or classmates to listen together. 

The LilGadgets Connect+ PRO is the best kids headphones for travel, with a 52″ long audio cable that allows your child to move around freely without worrying about tripping or getting tangled. The volume-limited, built-in microphone lets you keep in touch with your children at all times. In addition to the audio cable and detachable microfiber carrying pouch, these headphones come with an aeroplane adapter plug and a 1/4″ stereo plug adapter.

5: Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiets

Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiets

Product Information

Brand Puro Sound Labs
Color Hot Pink
Connectivity Bluetooth, Wired
Model Puro Quiets
Form Factor On-Ear

Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiets Volume Limited Edition Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Smart Listening Technology are the perfect headphones for kids and adults. These headphones make daily noise and background sound up to 22 dB quieter, complemented by 78% noise isolation (@ 1 kHz). The ANC switch puts the world on mute so that kids can listen clearly in loud environments without the need to increase the volume beyond safe sound listening levels. With a built-in microphone, these premium headphones let you take calls hands-free while enjoying your music.

Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiets Volume Limited Headphones are the perfect lightweight headphones for boys, girls, and teens! These headphones use intelligent digital signal processing to limit volume so that kids don’t even notice. The volume is limited to 85dB, the maximum safe sound listening level as recommended by many organizations. The ultra-lightweight design with extra soft earpads makes them comfortable for hours of use. And they come in a great assortment of colors and styles, including blue/black and pink/white options.

The one-touch Bluetooth pairing with iPhone, Android, and other compatible devices makes for hassle-free listening while a 30-foot range allows free movement! The wireless mode eliminates all dangers of entanglement in audio cables. The built-in microphone is great for online learning.

PuroQuiets is the world’s first earbud to feature active noise cancellation (ANC) technology. Through a combination of patented technologies, PuroQuiets creates an environment free from outside distractions while delivering premium sound quality. Enjoy up to 35 hours of non-ANC playtime (23 hours with ANC) and 200 hours of standby. The PuroQuiets stands up to all-day play – and then some. Quickly recharge the lithium-ion battery with an included USB cable or switch to wired use.

6: Kids Headphones, Riwbox CT-7S Cat

6: Kids Headphones, Riwbox CT-7S Cat

Product Information

Brand Riwbox
Color Purple&Green
Connectivity Wireless
Model CT-7S Cat
Form Factor Over-Ear

Riwbox CT-7S is a foldable Bluetooth headphone with a lighting theme. We wish to bring joy into every family, to add a touch of fun to our daily life. This headphone combines elements of music, lights, color together, the cat-ear with Red/Blue/Green LED embedded can blink and change color with the rhythm. The glowing Riwbox Cat cartoon at the side can let you take a step away from your usual self and let every other knows how great you are feeling.

The CT-7S is a Bluetooth headphone that can be used to hear music, watch videos and make phone calls. It has a 40mm speaker, with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, providing you the need for quality natural sound and strong bass while keeping it convenient. Once you do the matching, you can save the hassle of matching again. Just power on the headphone and it will connect to your device. Connection status will be shown on the screen of the smartphone, and voice reminders available for battery level. Great Sound and Limited Voice, better to protect kids ear

Kids Headphones, Riwbox CT-7S Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones with Volume Control and LED Light for Kids Children Baby Girls Boys – Pink/Blue. The headset with cat ears design is suitable for kids from 3 years old to adults. It’s a great gift for your children on a Birthday or other occasions. With the volume control and LED lights, you can adjust the volume of music according to your needs and turn off the light when you are using it at night so as not to disturb others.

This is the most advanced wireless Bluetooth headphone in the market. It supports both wired and wireless modes, which can be switched by a switch located at both sides of the headphone. The battery life of CT-7S cat ear headphones is up to 7 hours when using Bluetooth mode. You can also use it as a wired headphone with Riwbox D1 braided audio cable when your device runs out of battery or without Bluetooth function. Due to its unique style, led lights, and cat shape design it is considered as one of the top 9 best headphones for children.

7: JLab Audio JBuddies Kids

JLab Audio JBuddies Kids

Product Information :

Brand JLab
Color Purple
Model JBuddies
Connectivity Wired
Form Factor On-Ear

The JLab Audio JBuddies Kids Headphones are the perfect pair of headphones for kids. They offer a fun, colorful design that your little ones will love, with sound quality to match. These wired headphones feature volume-limiting technology that keeps the volume at less than 90 dB and comply with both EN50332 and ASTM recommendations so they’re safe for kids! The earbuds are made from durable ABS plastic and soft silicone rubber for a comfortable fit.

JLab Audio’s JBuddies Kids Volume Limiting Headphones are designed to be the perfect fit for your kids. These headphones feature a lightweight and durable design with soft cushioned earbuds, an adjustable headband, and an inline volume limiter that keeps the sound at 90 dB or less. The built-in microphone allows your child to take calls from their favorite person.

JLab Audio JBuddies Kids- Volume Limiting Headphones feature an easy-to-use volume knob that allows kids to control their own listening experience. The headphones are designed with a high-quality speaker, durable frame, and cushioned ear pads for ultimate comfort.

8: Baby BANZ Earmuffs Infant Hearing Protect

Baby BANZ Earmuffs Infant Hearing Protect

Product Information:

Brand Baby BANZ
Colour Blue
Connectivity Wired
Model Baby BANZ Earmuffs
Form Factor Over-Ear

Baby Banz Earmuffs are the only earmuffs that have been clinically proven to reduce noise by 28 dB. The Baby Banz earmuff is a safe, non-invasive way to protect your baby’s hearing while you enjoy music or other sounds in your environment. The patented design of Baby Banz earmuffs allows for natural movement of the head and ears so babies can see their surroundings clearly.

Baby Banz Earmuffs are the perfect child hearing protection. Designed specifically for children, Baby Banz earmuffs feature a soft adjustable headband that fits all ages. The earmuffs can be worn over or under a hat and are ideal for use in cold weather to keep little ears warm as well as protecting them from cold and wind. They’re also great for use at concerts, sporting events, fireworks displays, or any other situation where loud sounds may damage your child’s sensitive ears.

Baby Banz Earmuffs are the perfect solution for protecting little ears from loud noises. These earmuffs have a unique collapsible design that allows them to be stored away in their own carrying case when not in use. This makes it easy to carry them with you, such as on trips or while traveling. They also fit easily into your purse or diaper bag so they will always be there when you need them most.

9: JuniorJams Volume Limiting Headphones

10: JuniorJams Volume Limiting Headphones

Product Information

Brand  Puro Sound Labs
Colour Blue
Connectivity Wireless, Wired
Noise Control Sound Isolation
Form Factor On-Ear

JuniorJams are volume-limiting headphones for kids 3+ that let them enjoy their favorite music, movies and games at safe volumes. JuniorJams limit harmful volumes over 85 dB – the same noise level as a lawnmower or power saw. Unlike other volume-limiting headphones, JuniorJams were designed with kids in mind: they’re colorful and fun to wear. Kids love them!

JuniorJams volume-limiting headphones are the perfect solution for parents who want to protect their children’s hearing while allowing them to enjoy their favourite music at a safe level. The JuniorJams volume-limiting headphones have been tested by an independent laboratory and found to limit volume levels between 85 and 93 dB, which is well below the maximum allowable exposure of 105 dB for continuous unprotected listening (according to OSHA).

JuniorJams headphones for children are the perfect gift for your music-loving child. They’re stylish, comfortable, and feature volume-limiting technology to protect your child’s hearing. JuniorJams headphones are wireless Bluetooth v4.0 with a 30-ft. range so you can listen without getting tangled in wires! The lithium-ion battery has a working life of 22 hours per charge, so you won’t have to worry about frequent recharging.

JuniorJams volume-limiting headphones for kids are the safe and healthy way to enjoy music on the go. The comfortable, adjustable design fits kids’ heads from 3 years old to adults. The soft vegan leather ear cushions are durable and lightweight. JuniorJams headphones limit volume levels so you can protect your child’s hearing – a great feature for today’s digital world!


Headphones are a necessity for children. They can get into all sorts of trouble without them, and they need to be able to listen to music or even just have noise in the background when it is too loud outside. Headphones for children come with so many features that adults may not think about! From volume limiting features, tangle-free cords, padded ear cups which help protect their little ears from hearing damage – these products really take care of your child’s needs as well as yours.

Have you found any best headphones for children yet? If not, we recommend checking out our list below where we’ve compiled what some experts consider the top 9 best headphones for children at this time. Best Headphones for Audio Editing and for elders and children reviews. Which did you find most interesting? Tell us why

Choosing the best headphones for children is important. After all, you want to ensure that their hearing stays healthy and they can enjoy listening to music without damaging themselves in any way. The top 9 best headphones for children are listed below with information about each one so that you can make an educated decision when it comes time to purchase a new set of headphones for your family. 


Are headphones bad for your brain?

“Noise-canceling” or “white noise” headphones are good because they stop all external sounds from distracting your brain (and in doing so, won’t stimulate it). However, they do come with a price tag. If that’s something you can afford more easily than time without distraction for study or sleep, then by all means go for it.

Do headphones cause hair loss?

Different types of headphones have different effects on hair. Given the concerns, it is recommended to consult a medical professional if you wish to continue using headphones. Searching for the “best headphones for children/teenagers” should be a good start with this question, as much has been written about its effectiveness in such sensitive age groups (if not more).

As for prevention or potential cures, there are no known solutions at this time. You could try switching up your headset type and see if it changes anything; if not, try going without – just know that you may need to adjust how often you shampoo given where your ears are located on your head. It might also be worth looking into other ways of reducing stress levels.

How many hours a day should you wear headphones?

Ans: Wearing headphones for long periods of time, such as four hours or more a day, can cause hearing loss. In fact, in 2018 one out of eight Americans aged 45-54 have hearing loss from daily headphone use that started at an early age! For this reason, it is safe to say that you should not wear your headphones for more than four hours a day.
It is important to remember that anything we do has the potential to cause trouble if done too much without a break. That’s why it’s recommended that parents take turns with their child and let the child rest while somebody else wears the gadgets. 

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