Car Ramps for Oil Changes

Top 8 Best Car Ramps for Oil Changes

Oil changes are a part of vehicle maintenance. You can do them yourself or have a mechanic do it for you, but either way, the right tools are necessary. One tool that is often overlooked is ramped to raise your car so you can get underneath and remove the oil filter. Top 8 Best Car Ramps for Oil Changes with best sellers and top-rated reviews collected. These collected Car Ramps for Oil Changes are listed in a table. Check the best Car Ramps and long life Rampes for other vehicles and then buy on your accordance.

In this article, we’ll show you different styles of ramps to help with your following oil change. When it comes to your car, oil changes are one of the most important things you can do. But if you don’t have the best car ramps for oil changes for your vehicle, getting under it might be a little tricky. That’s where these ramps come in handy. They’re designed to get cars up high enough that an oil change is possible without any hassle at all.

If you are looking for the best car ramps for oil changes, then look no further. We have compiled a list of the top eight best car ramps that will help with your needs.

These are all different ramps, including some with wheels and others without, but they are all made from high-quality materials. They also come in many different sizes, so make sure you choose one appropriate for your vehicle.

Best Car Ramps for Oil Changes
Car Ramps for oil changing

Many people don’t know what the best ramps are for oil changes. Oil is expensive, and it’s essential to change your car’s oil every 3,000 miles. The best way to do this is by using ramps that can hold up to 2,000 pounds of weight. However, finding the proper car ramps for an oil change can be intimidating. There are various options on the market, and it can be challenging to decide which is best. This article will help you figure out what makes a good set of ramps and how to pick from those available on Amazon.

Factors to consider while purchasing the best car ramps for oil changes


The size of the car ramp refers to the size of the wheels that can be attached to it, which is expressed in inches because the size of the wheels of each vehicle is different. So you need to measure your height and make it your priority when choosing the right ramp.


People think that all car ramps are made of metal and steel. But it’s not as common as you might think. Plastic is a good choice for walkways because they are durable and lightweight. But now and then, you come to the steel ramp.

Features Safety Features

 Working under a vehicle can be difficult. Some ramps have safety features such as brackets, raised edges, or ribs. And a sloped stopper that prevents you from backing up, but the owner has to provide safety, although additional measures are needed.

Car Ramps for Oil Changes

 Although many people enjoy working from home in the garage, you may need to use your car’s ramp when traveling. Find products that are light and easy to pack. So it’s easy if you want to take it somewhere. Some models come with a sling or strap to attach to the rear of the vehicle while driving.


 The best car ramps for oil changes weight refers to the vehicle’s weight that can support it. And manufacturers often display this amount by aisle and globally. So make sure it adapts to the importance of your car. Otherwise, it may break under pressure.

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No. Images Products Ratings Price
1. CARGOSMART Aluminum Ramp 4.4
2. Electriduct Rubber Curb Ramp 4.0
3.  BISupply Curb Ramps 4.4
4. Wolltex Rubber Curb Ramps 4.1
5. Eastwood Detachable Car Ramp 4.8
6. House Deals Solid Steel Ramps 4.4
7. HOMCOM Rubber Car Curb Ramps 4.6
8. Guardian 4″ Rubber Curb Ramp 4.7

1. CARGOSMART Aluminum Ramp

Dimension  78 x 12.25 x 4”
Weight 23.45 Pounds
Manufacture ‎ Cargo & Ramp Products
Model no  3095

CARGOSMART Aluminum Ramp is a solid aluminum straight ramp for your cars, boats, planes. The oil change ramps are perfect for commercial warehouses and manufacturing facilities. The excess materials must be transported around the facility with forklifts or powered pallet jacks. Or if you’re looking for a solution that can quickly move large items in private homes without damaging the floors of these older buildings. These tire ramps for oil changes are the best option.

Whether you’re loading on an inclined driveway, the tire ramps for oil changes will easily slide truck ramps into place with their super tough non-skid diamond plate surfaces. It helps your friends or family move their possessions in style with CARGOSMART Aluminum Straight Fixed Ramp. The ramps for cars to change oil are perfect for everyone, including oversized, short heighted, have disabilities, or are pushing a stroller. It’s tough enough to hold up to 750 pounds of weight. And the aluminium material means that it’s strong and lightweight.

Moreover, ramps for cars to change oil can carry all kinds of cargo safely over dirt; grassy areas too sloped spots. Easy installation holds ramps firmly against rear quarter panels on either side of the vehicle, with the support furnished by anchor straps welded onto the top surface of the ramp. These oil change ramps are great for anyone looking to get their car out of the mud, snow, or another problematic terrain without having to strain the engine.

  • This ramp is suitable for more accessible storage and transport.
  • Built-in LED lights.
  • It offers the most effortless transition when traveling up or down the ramps.
  • Cheap construction

2. Electriduct Rubber Curb Ramp

Dimension 10 x 43.8 x 4”
Weight 21.4 Pounds
Manufacture ‎ Electriduct
Part number CR-RPS-CURB-5T-4SET

Ever struggled to climb over a curb while balancing your walker, grocery bags, and water? The Electriduct Rubber Curb Ramp is the perfect solution. Just roll up to the curb with these car ramps for oil. These best car ramps for oil changes can withstand great weight even in heavy traffic areas like curbsides and cross. This item is constructed from heavy-duty rubber, which won’t crack, peel, or fade. The car ramps for oil change are easy to transport and only weigh twenty-one pounds.  

The car ramps oil change are easy to assemble and install in the corner of your garage or driveway. Their low profile is perfect for electric vehicles like scooters or golf carts with small tires. This car ramps oil change is an excellent solution for people currently residing in a building without standard ADA compliance. It provides a solid yet lightweight ramp that can be used as either portable or permanent floor protection.

It’s time for products that are made to last.  That includes products that help you get around, like this Electriduct Rubber Curb Ramp. The rubber on the bottom of the drive on-ramps for oil change creates a grip surface so it will not slip away on an incline or decline. Though designed for one-time use, it can be durable if properly maintained and cleaned, so your loved ones don’t have to worry about slipping any longer.

  • Durable material for all weather conditions.
  • The car oil change ramps are composed of solid heavy-duty construction.
  • Rather heavy.

3. BISupply Curb Ramps

Dimension 23.5 x 14 x 9.5”
Weight ‎13.77 pounds
Manufacture ‎BISupply
Batteries Required No

Introducing the newest product from BISupply, a set of ramps to make it easier for people with disabilities, seniors, and children who need assistance to cross curb steps. BISupply Curb Ramps are a must-have safety product for those with mobility impairment and who struggle with off-roads. Keeping your loved one safe is affordable and straightforward, with the drive-on ramps for oil change won’t put undue pressure on arthritic joints or muscles.

The best car ramps for oil changes are made from durable, high-quality recycled plastic, making it easy to transport and great for ensuring a steady gradient. In addition, these wheel ramps for oil change can be customized into different lengths to seamlessly fit curved areas or areas with multiple stairs without the need for a staircase.

Thin, lightweight ramps are ideal for indoor or outdoor use with less than 6 inches of elevation difference. The prefabricated top layer comprises high-strength ABS material that creates a slip-resistant surface to protect walkers from accidental spills or falls.

BISupply Curb Ramps are designed to join together for ease of movement while still protecting their integrity when left unattended. The wheel ramps for oil change come in three different sizes for accommodating any height need.

  • Minimize hazards.
  • Slip-resistant surfaces hold up great even during bad weather conditions.
  • The car oil change ramps are Ideal for both outdoor/indoor use.
  • Only 6 inches high.

4. Wolltex Rubber Curb Ramps

Dimension 48 x 16 x 2”
Weight 90.8 pounds
Manufacture ‎ ‎wolltex
Material ‎Rubber

The Wolltex Rubber Curb Ramp Car is an innovative and easy solution to navigating any obstacle. With an attached remote, the oil-changing ramps can be controlled from up to 10 ft away using electric motors. The ramp for oil change works on all surfaces and slopes, so you can confidently go anywhere. You’ll never need assistance again.

The best car ramps for oil changes are perfect for those unable to get up and off the ground. They’re designed to help individuals in a wheelchair, on crutches, or with any mobility disability. The rubber material of the ramp for oil change prevents slippage while also being lightweight enough where a single person can carry them from car to curb safely. In addition, the car ramps to change oil have non-skid treads that prevent slipping when going down or coming up the ramp.

The Wolltex Rubber Curb Ramp Car is essential to access your drive area, but there isn’t a suitable ramp for your car. Weighing in at 452 pounds and equipped with pneumatic tires, it takes the strain out of getting on and off the curb and gives you a smooth ride over uneven surfaces.

This car ramps to change oil combines the convenience of a portable, lightweight ramp with the durability and traction needed for service at an industrial site. The durable rubber casing stands up to dirt and mud while diverting water from beneath. It has a heavy-duty backplate that screws securely into a truck tailgate when adequately closed.

  • The oil changing ramps are constructed from high-quality material.
  • It prevents slippage.
  • This is perfect when you have goods to move from one vehicle to another.
  • Low weight limit

5. Eastwood Detachable Car Ramp

Dimension 51.2x 15 x 8.25″
Weight 38.7 pounds
Manufacture ‎ Eastwood
Bestseller rank #11 in Ramps

The Eastwood Detachable Car Ramp is a lightweight, portable incline plane that can be quickly attached or detached from the bottom of your vehicle. With its one-piece construction, this easy-to-look after oil change car ramps is adjustable and durable, so you are always on the rise. In addition, the ramps for oil change nonslip surfaces make it stable enough for cars and protect your vehicle’s suspension.

With the Eastwood Detachable Car Ramp, you can take your car to its destination with the mode of transportation in tow. The ramp’s sturdy frame makes it easy for cars weighing up to 10 tons or 27 000 pounds. And because no installation is required, this portable and detachable car ramp for oil change save you the time and hassle of connecting ramps before using them.

The best car ramp for oil changes is the ultimate car ramp that can provide you with mobility in tight spaces or uneven terrain. The universal adaptor allows for quick release and usage with genuine OEM hardware, making it compatible with all detachable ramps on the market.

If you’re looking for multi-use oil change car ramps that can handle varying terrain and is easy to store, the ramps for oil change features an angled shoulder design and leg weight plate. This innovative design gives it unparalleled strength with minimal vertical space–perfect for tight garages. In addition, the detachable ramps can be used on various uneven surfaces due to their patent-pending folding jacks.

  • A non-slip surface ensures that the ramp stays in place even on slippery surfaces.
  • This car ramp for an oil change is highly durable.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • Bit pricy.

6. House Deals Solid Steel Ramps

Weight 550 pounds
Manufacture ‎House Deals
Bestseller rank #31 in Ramps

House Deals Solid Steel Ramp is made of heavy-duty steel and can support a person weighing 550 pounds. The 52” telescoping ramps for changing oil has 12 sections that extend from 16 inches to 4 feet, so it’s always the right size for your needs. In addition, it features sturdy welded frames with two handles on one side and safety rails on both sides.  The ramps for changing oil weighs 27 pounds and fold up easily for storage in its custom-designed carry bag with a handle.

The House Deals Solid Steel Ramp is a multifunctional product that will add safety and ease of use to your home. The best car ramps for oil changes can be used indoors or outdoors with high-grade steel construction, making them long-lasting and durable. In addition, the removable rubber surface ensures that there won’t be any slippage when walking up or down the ramp, which is a problem with most other ramps on the market.

The best car ramps are constructed for home and professional use. This durable and versatile barrier can be used as a loading dock, golf cart bridge, wheelchair lift. Or anywhere you need to raise one side of the surface level with another. The ramp oil change is made from steel and has high-grip material that prevents slip-outs. Before using this ramp, always check your local laws because not all areas allow such equipment on sidewalks/roads.

  • This ramp oil change is easy to assemble.
  • Best for the money.
  • Stainless steel of high quality.
  • Available in few colors.

7. HOMCOM Rubber Car Curb Ramps

Dimension 19 x 16.5 x 4”
Weight ‎57.2 pounds
Manufacture ‎Aosom LLC
Material ‎Rubber

HOMCOM’s rubber car curb ramps are a simple, affordable solution for getting up and over curbs. The oil change ramp is durable, lightweight, and easily portable. In addition, these rubber car ramps offer excellent protection and relief for older and disabled people by making it easier to enter and exit a vehicle. This best car ramps for oil changes consists of a longer ramp for installing tires over the curb and a shorter one for step-over access.

 The heavier buckles are located close to the bottom surface, which reduces slippage off curbs or stairs. The oil ramps are very durable yet light enough to be portable. The car lift for oil change is also easy to wipe down them clean with just some soap and water if they’re dirty after use. The oil change car ramp is the perfect way to help people get in and out of your car, mainly if they have limited mobility. These essential ramps also allow vehicles with low ground clearance to drive over steep driveway curbs.

HOMCOM Rubber Curb Ramps are an excellent example of this type, constructed from durable rubber that can withstand whatever life throws at you.  Each one is easy to store in the trunk or backseat without taking up too much space because it folds down flat when not in use. In addition, the rubber material stands up well against all kinds of weather conditions, including sun exposure, snow accumulation, and high wind speeds associated with cyclones or hurricanes.

  • This car lift for an oil change is an easy install.
  • These oil ramps are composed of polyurethane material.
  • Good Quality
  • Quite heavy.

8. Guardian 4″ Rubber Curb Ramp


Dimension 12 x 47.63 x 4”
Weight 40 Pounds
Manufacture ‎  Guardian
Color Black

The Guardian 4″ rubber curb ramp is a durable, easy to assemble, and install ramp made from high-quality black material. This oil change car ramp promotes accessibility without sacrificing safety. The aluminum structure provides extra stability for vehicles that have license plates mounted on the sides or midship. But can also be used as a temporary stop block during construction projects.

The Guardian 4″ Rubber Curb Ramp is built to handle any full-sized vehicle in your daily life. This truck ramps for oil change improve accessibility for wheelchairs, scooters, bikes, or anything else you need to ride up. Heavy-duty construction ensures maximum stability over all terrain, including gravel and slippery surfaces. The ramps are available to fit any height requirement without compromising their strength so they can tackle the tallest fences.

This best car ramps for oil changes by the trusted brand Guardian Industrial Products will keep you safe when driving for years for miles ahead into your future at less than half the price of other leading brands. Tune into our product pages to learn more about this exciting new update on a classic product that will help tackle the most challenging hills.

Guardian Industrial Products is excited to show our new rubber end ramp. Rockemically designed for a wide range of uses; these ramps can be used in warehouses, garages, and other industrial environments. The oil change lift ramp is equipped with horns to help pushcarts or load trucks forward safely and quickly.

  • Durable, long-lasting design.
  • Two channels for water, cables, or hoses.
  • It was built for everyday commercial use.
  • Fire can damage them.

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The best car ramps for oil changes can be used to change a tire or do an engine tune-up. If you’re looking for a solid set of car ramps, we recommend the Guardian 4″ rubber curb ramp. These steel ramps are rated to hold up to 2 tons and can be used on any terrain without risk of damage or sinking into soft surfaces like sand or mud.

They also come with two handles that make carrying them much easier when they aren’t in use, so you don’t have to worry about setting heavyweights down where people might trip over them if they weren’t careful. The ramps also come with a carrying bag to make storing easy, and they fold down into a compact size, so they’re not taking up space when not used.

The best car ramps for oil changes will help you take care of this task quickly and easily. So that your mind can rest easy knowing everything is taken care of. You don’t need special tools or skills to get an oil change done with these great products. Just find the right ramp for your vehicle type and enjoy.

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Q no 1: Is the car ramp safe for an oil change?

Using it correctly, a ramp can be a safe alternative to raising your car with a jack stand; therefore, it is not recommended to use a ramp to change liquids (such as engine oil) because the vehicle bending at an angle can prevent fluid from leaking out.

Q no 2: Metal or plastic car ramp, which is better?

The car ramp is made of hard plastic or steel. And it’s usually safer to carry a jack because the car’s weight is distributed over a wide area. And don’t pull dangerously in just one place. To use the ramp safely, make sure your wheels are square and focused on the ramp.

Q no 3: How much weight can a car ramp carry?

Most car ramps can handle 1,500 per ramp. When using your ramps on hard surfaces such as cement or asphalt. First, sweep the area because rocks and debris can slide down the slope and make permanent dents or holes at the bottom.

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